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First weekend of new year 2016, I did an interview with in Political Science, John A. Tures from LaGrange College via email, one of the professors who writes opposed Erdogan, first elected President of Turkey by people %52 votes August 2014, in Huffingtonpost. I frankly was after reality, I walked trough the path and I tried to understand what is truly behind the scene if there is.   I do personally ignore those kind of articles which supports FETO(Terrorist Organization of Fethullah Gulen) because I know those all articles sponsored by their own FETO organization and all about nothing new but eulogies whether they are true or not. I have to admit that I did not think that would be the same on foulness.   Lie brings more lies. Just after David L. Phillips article against TIKA-Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency-, directly to Turkish President Erdogan and indirectly to Turkey on Huffingtonpost in December 2015, consecutively Tures got encouraged to attack Erdogan which was my impression. People say “Professor is meaning loaded up in these days professional liar”. Some effort to prove this, I guess.(That is inspired based on another Tures article May 2015 on his own LaGrange blog.)   The news are enhancing about Turkey on media all over the world especially in West, day by day. The country that there is no oil in the land, over 30 years test with PKK terrorism, still unstable growing economy... So what makes having more attention on Turkey? Just Erdogan and his power? What power we really talking about here?   I have been looking for the answers the new year first weekend of 2016 with Professor Tures.   -       I have to concede that I got surprise because most of the people who has antagonistic feelings to Turkey/Erdogan not willing to, but with high self-esteem Professor Tures got back to me.   I have directed total 24 questions to Tures and he just answered 6 of them in order and he added his personal exegesis. Also he asked me questions too.   He started with Erdogan and AKP-Justice and Development Party helm. Like many in West, he thought Erdogan and AKP would be positive force for Turkey but now it is becoming more about Erdogan and his family than what is best for Turkey, he said.   When I asked details what made him change his mind, he did not reply that question.   The other question he did not reply was about his fear of erosion of civil liberties, political rights and increasing centralization of power specifications.   His answer about mistranslated/distorted Erdogan speech on Hitler was in a temporal period.   He stated that he was in Turkey with Gulenist(FETO) and Kurds(pro and anti-HDP-People's Democratic Party). He must say that they have taken better… he added.   He got back to me, if there is anyone who is critiquing Erdogan and not in jail, he would like to know that, when I asked him if he knows anyone by name is in jail who did critique Erdogan.   My Snowden and Maning question was replied “They leaked classified material.” means that was a crime who did same crime in Turkey like Can Dundar Editor-in-Chief Cumhuriyet Turkish Newspaper(Tures was not familiar with this name anyway.) or whoever does. Because being a journalist does not give anyone right to break the law.   He did not accept his article point was “USA should do ‘smart sanction’ against Erdogan and his family or support civil society(I assume that society equal to FETO-He chooses to call Gulenist or Gulen supporters instead-, because his back in September 2015 article exerts that.)” but he did not give any clue what could be his article point other than that tender either. “But Turks should do something.” he added.   His conclusion was crucial and breaking point. He says “Why Erdogan was ruling Turkey for 12 years and for another 12 years but anyone else. There must be a limitation like in USA.” That is his supportive democracy begrip with standing question Sisi, who staged military coup to elected President Morsi in Egypt. So he meant with Turkish Constitutional Law, before October 21, 2007 referendum, president has been electing for 7 years one time only and after 2007, for 5 years maximum 2 times only. He could google and find this information easily on internet.   He was also astonishingly thinking that not everyone is able to be a political candidate for election in Turkey without any reason he exposed.   ‘Is that really how easy to judge someone whether with or without knowledge?’ May we ask.     @yusufserce

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