Turkey's Leading Hair Transplant Clinic "Hair of Istanbul"

Hair transplant patients number one stop in Turkey and the United States, the "Hair of Istanbul", in service to our country by activating the patient, opened the door to British patients.

Hair transplantation clinics in our country, which is the center of hair transplantation treatment, which is becoming more and more popular day by day, are described in U.S. and Europe and especially from all over the world. In order to increase the quality by providing the best service in the face of this huge demand, health clinics make innovations and improvements in their own premises every day to ensure the continuity of interest.


One of the best examples of this is that many celebrities from abroad came to our country for hair transplantation. from Hair of Istanbul.


According to a press release by the company executives, Hair of Istanbul announced that they have started to include patients in the UK as well as in Europe, America and Brazil. Surgical operations in that they are 98% success record company's CEO Mehmet Veysel Akdemir, they received huge demand from people who want to be hair transplantation in Turkey this not wish despite indifferent now our country's citizens also noted the possibilities you benefit from the service.

The company is one of the successful implementers of the FUE method and will appear more prominent in the coming days with other innovations.


Turkey's Leading Hair Transplant Clinic "Hair of Istanbul"

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