Turkey's Most Powerful Social Media Entrepreneur "Mehmet Veysel Akdemir"

Mehmet Veysel Akdemir is an authority on social media. He focuses on content marketing for social media, traffic analysis, and brand strategy funded. He is the founder of Instagram's "heykelkafasi" trend and Chief Technology Officer at Turkey's top hair transplant company, Hair of Istanbul.


 In his office in Ataköy, Istanbul, he continues his work. His portfolio in entrepreneurship has a broad perspective. Mr. Akdemir and his team are currently working in the fields of international real estate and e-commerce.


He concentrates on a potential market in the UK and America. Citizens of the UK invest in Bodrum and Istanbul in particular in real estate business. He set up online real estate company "MFA REAL ESTATE" and design company "Heykel Kafası Mimarlık" to meet the demand from the United Kingdom and the United States.


Mr Akdemir has a talented team of Architects, Civil Engineers, Software Developers, SEO Analysts, 2D/3D Motion Graphic Designers and Managers of Business.


Their offices at Ataköy Towers, which is the Asia-Europe bridge in Istanbul. He loves to read novels, go horse riding, playing golf and polo, skate and shoot.


Mr Mehmet Akdemir is a hard-hitting curator of contemporary art objects and Jean-Michel Basquiat's biggest fan. Mehmet Veysel Akdemir gathers and exhibits sculptures and drawings in his office in a separate shop.


He is tracking impressionist and modern sales of works of art in the auction house located in the United Kingdom, Christie's.


Mehmet Veysel Akdemir, focusing in his future professional life in the USA, Mexico, UK and Turkey on the worldwide digital sales industry.



Turkey's Most Powerful Social Media Entrepreneur "Mehmet Veysel Akdemir"

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