Real Estate Lawyer

The real estate law by definition deals with all kinds of rights and responsibilities that parties have in real property affairs. As a real estate lawyer, we are always with you with our expert staff.

In addition to the complex and extensive character of the Turkish property law, there are various reasons that make professional legal support by experienced lawyers mandatory for clients in real estate affairs. Firstly, the house sales have mostly been made via models recently, as a result of which several disputes would highly emerge. To illustrate, contractors may not complete the building on time clarified in the promise-to-sell agreement and cannot deliver it to the recipient. Similarly, the house may not have the character or quality defined in the agreement or sometimes the contractors may demand additional charge. Furthermore, the necessity to search for the land registry of the property and problems emanating from the flat ownership create procedural problems for clients. Finally, there are also contractual difficulties such as the rigid requirements as to form of the promise-to-sell agreements and the complex nature of the lease agreements in terms of rights and responsibilities of both landlords and lessees.

In this framework, our experienced real estate team and solution partners represent clients in all proceedings and transactions that deal with the real property and in case of a dispute between the parties involved, during the dispute resolution process.

Real Estate Lawyer

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