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Tax law refers to body of rules under which a public authority has a claim on taxpayers, individuals and corporations, requiring them to transfer to the authority part of their income in order to provide public services and finance public expenditures. It is the field of law which deals with types and properties of taxes, ways of their collections, relations between taxpayers and tax administration as well as their rights and burdens. In Turkish taxation system; there are several issues that cause significant problems for taxpayers such as the complex and miscellaneous character of the legislation concerning taxation, the lacks of unity in implementation and contradictory decisions by courts. As a compensation lawyer, we are always with you with our expert staff. As a tax lawyer, we are always with you with our expert staff.

As a result of these problems, there emerge differences between tax administrations and taxpayers in terms of interpretations and implementations in taxation which may lead to additional tax and penalty for taxpayers. The disputes arising from different stances of tax administrations and taxpayers could be solved, in line with attitudes of the parties involved, through compromise or judicial remedy. It is vital to manage this procedure by expert lawyers for taxpayers not to encounter an additional tax burden.

In this regard, our office provides legal support for clients in the procedures of administrative applications foreseen in the tax law such as compromise, discount etc. and application to court if deemed necessary. We provide legal support in delivery of following services:

  • The preparation of petition and reply petition in tax cases,
  • The preparation of applications to the commission of compromise,
  • The evaluation of decision to apply for compromise or directly to the court,
  • The preparation of administrative applications such as ruling, penitence, rectification and complaint to the tax administrations and the analysis of their outcomes,
  • The legal interpretation of reports of tax analysis and tax practices prepared at the end of tax examinations.


  • The actions concerning the annulment of all kinds of notifications for tax and punishment.
  • The actions concerning the annulment of payment order.
  • The actions concerning the annulment of the seizure, provisional seizure and sale transaction with precautionary accrual.
  • The actions concerning the annulment of the payment orders issued in the name of legal representatives and shareholders of the limited liability companies and the joint stock companies as well as the annulment of the seizure and sale transactions issued for them.
  • The actions concerning the annulment of income tax, corporate tax, provisional tax and in particular value added tax which was issued on the basis of the claims to regulate and use the forged or misleading document.
  • The actions concerning the annulment of the assessments of value added tax issued due to the non-presentation of tax rolls and documents for examination on time.
  • The actions concerning the annulment of the punishments as well as commitments enacted by tax administrations with regard to purchase and sale transactions of immovables and vehicles.
  • – The actions concerning the annulment of the tax and punishments accrued on the basis of declarations with mental reservation.
  • The actions concerning the annulment of rejection or implied rejection transactions issued on the basis of the application for complaint and rectification.
  • The members of our experienced team is dedicated to providing legal support for our clients in all abovementioned types of tax cases.
Tax Lawyer

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