Bekir AYAZ made a statement to the coordinators of the development programme of football teams about the academy schools within their structure through the press.

Some headlines in his statements!

The aim of the Football Schools is to prepare our young people, who are the guarantee of our future, physically and spiritually for the future under the control of experienced sports instructors within a training programme based on scientific foundations.

Their aim is to help children to develop self-confidence, to achieve and maximise physical competence, and to transform children into individuals who can make their own decisions in society.

AYAZ: Football academies are not only a sports schools, but also a school of life. In addition to sports, human values, discipline, morality and cultural values that will always be necessary in their future lives should be given. While doing sports on the one hand, young people will also be aware of the world around them, which is full of dangers, and they will stay away from the dangers and traps waiting for the youth.

Coaches should be able to provide their athletes with the skills of conscious sports training, balanced nutrition, recognising their physical structure and strength and using them in the best way, combining intelligence and physical strength, incorporating individual skills into group work, and making quick and correct decisions.

The psychological and spiritual development of the child, which is more important than physical strength and ability, is the most important factor to be developed with physical strength and ability. Our children should be instilled with the idea that they are in control of their own lives by gaining self-esteem. Biological, cognitive and social processes will be followed, children will be guided by conscious staff members, and information flow should be provided within the scope of academy-family cooperation in order to prevent unwanted wrong development in matters concerning the family.
In sports academies, young people should be enabled to get rid of the negative energy they have accumulated in society, school, friends and other areas by making sports fun, and they should leave the academy as individuals with positive energy, with a joyful and smiling face.

In order to prevent our young people from being harmed by the activities of drugs, pornography, harmful computer games, terrorist organisations, radical groups and illegal formations, information meetings and presentations should be held regularly by experienced trainers before or after sports activities to inform them about the existing dangers. Bekir AYAZ, an academician, continued his words as follows:It should not be forgotten that sports academies are not only a sports school, but also a school of life that protects and informs young people against all kinds of dangers.
With the training they receive at the academies, young people should be brought into society as healthy individuals who are stronger than their peers, who can establish a spiritual and psychological balance, who are self-confident, who are beneficial to society, school, family and friends, who are aware of the world around them, who can make decisions on their own, who have developed human values.

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